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6/21/2023Testimony of Diane Cotter at HB2197 Joint Committee of Pubic Health PFAS

Testimony of Diane Cotter — June 21 HB2197 PUBLIC HEALTH PFAS


Thank you to all who attended the documentary BURNED in Worcester. We look forward to Rep McGovern’s, Capitol Hill screening.


During the Q&A- President Kelly told us Eurofins Scientific instruments had to be recalibrated to measure the volume of PFAS in the blood of firefighters- and Kathy Crosby-Bell advised results of her first ever ‘dermal’ study of PFAS from turnout gear are shocking.

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I’m Diane Cotter -whistleblower for my community.

I’ve testified in Mass about PFAS in PPE since 2017 at the DEP, DHS, State House, offices of Senators Warren, Markey and Rep McGovern. Many of you have my emails. I’ve served on the NAS as firefighter community liaison, assist EWG with firefighter actions and provide many NGO’s guidance. I’ve networked legislators and researchers across the nation for studies and serve many groups for firefighter PFAS initiatives.

In 2017 my first letter to NFPA for it’s mishandling of the knowledge it knew AFFF was a death sentence -and did nothing- opened a gaping hole of dirty secrets:

And, 9 days after my article ‘The Real Cancer in Your Gear’ was published manufacturers released a series of emails “in case they needed ammo” — beginning a massive misinformation campaign:

Thankfully the PFFM and President MacKinnon have worked since 2018 to warn and educate.

In 2018 Paul and I testified here. It was stunning to witness Senator Moore ask the American Chemistry rep if she every heard of Parkersburg, WV, and if she really believed what she was saying ~

2018 I wrote the first NFPA interim agreement to remove PFAS from turnout gear. It was rejected.

In 2018 Rob Bilott and I spoke with Rep McGovern in Worcester — he would co-found the bi-partisan PFAS task force. And, Dr Peaslee and I would work with Senator Shaheen to secure the 4-year NIST study.

In August at the first EPA Community Engagement in NH, I would reveal the 2017 turnout gear sample results of Dr. Peaslee — along with the EPAs role in this great deception.

In 2018 I challenged NFPA protocols by declaring them biased and asked for a task force to Remove PFAS from gear. PPE expert Jeff Stull would establish the group. I’ve served on it since.

In 2018 Kathy Crosby-Bell and I challenged manufacturers to work with Dr Peaslee and a Peaslee verified ‘PFAS free’ outer shell made it to market in 2020. My website lists all PFAS free equipment available including a new moisture barrier - said to meet NFPA standards. Dr Peaslee will verify.

2019 Lion Gear published the Exponent study they purchased — telling firefighters there’s not enough PFAS to worry about and short chain PFAS are too big to pass through their skin -beginning the great volleyball/tennis ball fallacy by Dr Chrostowski.

June 2020, Dr Peaslee published the first ever peer reviewed study on PFAS chemicals used in turnout gear orchestrated by a fire wife with no credibility - funded by Last Call Foundation.

In 2020 Fire Engineering’s Bobby Halton told me he was asked to join an effort to ‘mess’ with Diane Cotter by Lion Gear’s VP of Corporate Responsibility, John Granby- high ranking member of Senator Murkowski’s Federal Firefighter Caucus.

The efforts of industry and others to ‘mess with me’ were so effective, I would consider suicide.

January 2021 Edward Kelly became the President of the IAFF. He’s unstoppable- literally handing this fight to President Biden, building a power team of Science and Research, and forging a triad of legal experts. January 2023, GP Kelly premiered BURNED to 2300 members in Las Vegas where he introduced his triad of law firms who are now suing the NFPA for collusion and conspiracy.

In 2022- after two years of observing positioning and maneuvers by a Mass NGO representing this issue, I would sever communication after feeling this issue had been commodified.

In 2023 I submitted a request that NFPA members declare conflicts-of-interest. It was meet in committee with snickers by some. IAFFs Science & Research Dir Neil McMillan admonished the inconsiderate.

June 2023 Miranda Spivack, WP journalist announces “States’ Secrets” The Accounts of Five Accidental Activists” ~ Exposing secret deal-making between government and corporations, how these agreements threaten our health, safety, and democracy. Please watch for this important work.


Please pass HB2197 — the fight Paul and I began in 2018 giving Massachusetts the strongest language in the nation to protect firefighters from PFAS.

Thank you,

Diane Cotter



Diane Cotter

A very private individual who fell into a very public rabbit hole of epic proportions. I call it the #greatestdeceptionever - really, EVER.