Missing you Bobby..

Diane Cotter
2 min readDec 19, 2023


Hi Bobby, this is hard. I’m already in tears. I think back of all that’s happened this past year that I wish you were here for it .. you should’ve been here for it.. I just want to remember your role in this long war. I know what you’ve done was impossible for a man in your position. My mind is reeling because I go back to those early years I drove you and Frank and Pj absolutely crazy and we became such good friends, such close friends on the same mission — how you had to make room in your publishing world. How you had to deal with me attacking your bread and butter .. but like a 5 star general you did what was right. Not what was easy. You made space for all of firefighters on our team, you built friendships with Rob and Graham…

and of course my great hero I’m laughing because I think of you telling me about John Granby — and your response to him when he invited you to mess with me in Harry’s lair… it was you, Bobby , you left me that present and I think about your move when you found out about Harry’s double dipping from his own union And the act you did to make sure someone at the very top looked at it..

Elijah just won an award from NASEM for BURNED, and the documentary is doing very raising great awareness ..

Ed has been in full throttle taking the ball across the finish line with an incredible team..

Paul and I are OK too ~ as good as we can be I guess. And Ive spent the last year healing from the battle wounds, feeling stronger day by day. We’re seeing the fruits of the labor.. I know you’re watching from above. Just wish you were here with us. Selfish I know.

I just want you know how much I miss you, I think of you often and how much I learned from you.. how I drove you crazy with my flaming arrows at people you loved and how you’d scold me that being a leader doesn’t use guerilla warfare and how I’d bite back that I wasn’t a leader that you were the leader …

I can’t imagine how much your family must miss you Bobby..

love you kid.




Diane Cotter

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