Lion, Starfield, Steadfast emails on PFOA in Turnout Gear — ten days after ‘The Real Cancer in Your Gear’

Diane Cotter
4 min readSep 6, 2020

WHAT CORPORATE SPIN LOOKS LIKE IN EMAILS… THEN HOW IT EVOLVED TO WEBSITES and SOCIAL MEDIA and how a Corrupt Union Official bought it Hook Line and Sinker — keeping you boots on the ground in their spider web of lies.

I won’t use my words. I’ll use their words.. You let me know what you think.

March 28, 2017 — Jon Marr, Editor of Station Pride publishes “The Real Cancer in Your Gear’ . It is downloaded over 100,000 times, and shared over 4,000 times on social media.

(it appears in the attachments stated in Mike’s email to Karen and Brian with a cc to Chad, Scott, and Martin, that the response will come via the EPA PFOA Stewardship summary — which, ummm DuPont wrote)

Here’s a little piece on PFOA / DuPont and the fire service I wrote in 2019 :

They also will be using a 2013 printing from Patagonia (outerwear/raingear) ummm NOT SPECIALIZED FIRE TEXTILES WITH MORE PFAS THAN ANY TEXTILE SCIENCE HAS SEEN.

And the finished product for you:

So… this is the only material you hear from IAFF about PFOA IN YOUR GEAR.. IT’S FROM LION…

January 2020. The IAFF Toxic Substance Live event

Watch as IAFF’S own Occupational Health Specialist, Racquel Segall — discusses PFAS being like tennis balls and volley balls, and can’t pass to your skin.. .. I’ll come right out and suggest, that the IAFF took orders from Lion Gear to tell you that your gear was safe.

If you can watch this entire video and tell me something isn’t wrong here I’m not sure what more I can say.

What’s really shocking is the look and giggle Raquel gives when having to answer a question side chain polymers falling off by audience member and OH&S officer Vic Dillabaugh 1:08 mm.

That’s the exact same language that the Lion Crew said to our firefighters in Northern Cali when they FLEW IN to tell them about their #Exponent Study of one set of turnout gear.. that the polymers were like ‘tennisballs and volleyballs’.. too big to pass through your skin.

But… thankfully, the crazy fire wife from Worcester did the real study with her team from Last Call Foundation and the Magnificent Nuclear Physcist — Dr Graham Peaslee.

Here you go..the study is linked on Last Call Foundation’s page. Throw in a donation while you’re there please.

And to all of you that continue to email and message us with material.. keep it coming please and thank you...




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