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eMail to Pat Morrison, Assistant to GP, International Association of Firefighters.



I am including this newly released study about PFAS and textiles for your review.

I take strong exception to the message you are sending the fleet. There is an abundance of evidence of short chain PFAS and side chain PFAS are both a route of exposure, as well as a cause of adverse health effects.

The dialogue of ‘manufacturers no longer use PFOA or C8 is simply archaic at this point.
It does NOT go far enough in warning the fleet or the replacements and precursors that are forming C8. It is a lie by omission. While you state IAFF is looking at ‘everything’ your message to the fleet lacks direction, concern, and void of the precautionary principle.

In your video of Jan 21st it states that PFAS is absorbed by AFFF.
Omitting completely the PFAS in PPE exposure. It is a missed opportunity to warn thefleet of the PFAS in their gear. And, that dermal exposure is a known route of exposure.
10.42 mm https://www.facebook.com/IAFFonline/videos/167741317828229/UzpfSTE4MDg4Njk5Mzk0MzcwODE6MjU2MTEyNjU1MDg3ODA3OQ/

You are also not disclosing that you are aware the PFAS is forming PFOA as you were advised by Dr Peaslee during our conference call last year. And, that the dust is also an issue.

Please be advised also that the 25 ppb PFOA limit that Lion Gear is touting in their statement as ‘safe’… is not ‘safe’. It was an industry compromise that arose from the stakeholder comments
of ECHA ‘s transition to non-PFOA PPE. OKEO-TEX is now using that as their ‘magic number’ that has zero support from a ‘health’ perspective. (attachment beginning page 37)

This is the message Lion sent to the fleet 3 weeks after visiting Graham in his own lab. Graham told Lion about the precursor that is forming PFOA ‘in hours to days’… he told them about the dust as an issue as well. Lion is stating ‘their study’ shows minimal PFOA.
They also state IAFF’s support. But they will not publish the study, one must call them to view it.


We are now approaching year 4 of no precautionary action by IAFF.

Something is very wrong here.
Very wrong.



Available online 5 February 2020, 126100
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