Deception: When Our Studies Come With Help From Our Perpetrators.

We’re going to look at the research…

2014: Identification of Soils on Firefighter Turnout Gear from the Philadelphia Fire Department

I would like to thank Deborah Lander of DuPont Haskell, for your guidance, encouragement, hard work and attention to this study. Richard Young of DuPont, Daniel Silvestri of 911 Safety Equipment, Jim Baker of LION Total Care, Karen Lehtonen of LION Apparel, Joey Underwood of Safety Components, Brian Shiels of PBI Products, Diane Hess of PBI Products, and Kim Henry of PBI

The samples of soiled PPE from this study went to DuPont’s Haskell Labs. No PFAS was studied.


LION Cancer Awareness


This study by LION was done by Exponent… This study is ‘reviewed and supported by the IAFF’. Research ‘Exponent.. here’s a starting point from the previous Director of OSHA, Dr David Michaels:

2020: Deadlier than Fire;

Data gathered from the mannequin, which is armed with sensors and better known at N.C. State as “Pyroman,” is just one tool researchers are using to better protect firefighters from carcinogens that increase their risk of cancer.

Also new in the college is Thermo-Man, donated by duPont. The $500,000 mannequin made of non-flammable resin will test flame resistant fabrics in a flammability chamber. His body contains sensors that will generate computer data on burn damage sustained in experiments.

here’s the problem… do you think they are testing Pyroman for PFAS COATINGS?… NO.. they are not… want to know why? Cause DuPont owns Pyroman.. and this research lab.

“Researchers including Ormond, are studying what chemical compounds are getting stuck to and later releasing from a firefighter’s turnout gear.”

(it’s not clear if they are just studying products of combustion or also the PFAS coatings….)

My guess will be not.. here’s why:

The study is being done at the Textile Protection And Comfort Center (TPACC) at North Carolina State University :

The Pyro-Man system is a vital part of the newly opened DuPont Thermal Protection and Comfort Laboratories at

North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles.

and ……. almost a million in a grant to study :

T-PACC has joined forces with materials giant DuPont and turnout gear producer Globe Manufacturing Co. to create a next-generation uniform that offers firefighters increased protection and mobility. The work is so critical to the nation’s anti-terrorism effort that the $830,000 NC State received for its part of the project was the first science and technology grant ever awarded by the Department of Homeland Security.

But while DuPont is sponsoring the IAFF cancer summits , and while you’re still being diagnosed with cancer, and while Pat Morrison is still wavering trying to hold HAS’s industry line ., we’re not talking about the known carcinogen in the coating of your gear…. that we know have been there since 2017:

Let’s face it fire service.. DuPont is calling the shots in everything you put on your back…. INCLUDING THE RESEARCH.

dc 3.22.2020



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Diane Cotter

Diane Cotter


A very private individual who fell into a very public rabbit hole of epic proportions. I’ve learned the chemical industry , DuPont 3M, own the fire service.