Prepared by Sanford Lewis, Esq. Strategic Counsel on Accountability on behalf of DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value

Celebrating Labor Unions Block Against DuPont ~

Diane Cotter


2005 Study by USW Union on DuPont ~

In 2005, the USW hired Massachusetts Attorney Sanford Lewis to investigate their employer, DuPont.

Attorney Lewis published this 38 page report that outlines the risks of PFOA and other safety concerns the USW union had for its members who were working in the Washington Works Plant. The USW Union wanted to notify shareholders / USW members that the SEC filings were a concern in the event the effects of PFOA were minimized.

I remember calling Sanford Lewis years ago.. We had a conversation about this study. I was eager to share our work on PFOA in firefighter turnout gear. This study gave me so much to work with. In this study is where I learned that the USW Union sent out over 4,000 letters to ‘end users’ of the products made in the DuPont factory — that they were seeing firsthand the effects of PFOA on the DuPont workers (usw union members).. The USW told the end users ; W.L. Gore, Levi Strauss, etc, that they had a ‘Duty to Warn’, their clients. Well we all know how that turned out.

Here is the report the USW sent to its workers — Advising that DuPont Had a DUTY TO WARN. But they never did.

Now,,, the interesting thing for this researcher is that the USW have a incredibly similar story to us !! In that … they are governed by a NGO called…. National Safety Council.. and, that council er um, writes the rules on safety.. and gives awards, and holds seminars, and etc etc… And if you read in the USW report above you’ll see how the USW question the integrity of the ‘safety reports of worker injuries’. The USW questioned the integrity of the report as the reports found in favor of the corporations. Meaning, if a worker was injured it was due to worker error. Not the conditions of equipment or the plant itself.

Oh ! it’s sponsored by….. Dow and others…

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Kinda as if these ‘NGO’s’ are made to support the industry they represent by the industry suits themselves… AND here is the IAFF FIGHTING WITH EVERYTHING IT’S GOT ALMOST 20 YEARS LATER.. THE SAME CHEMICALS !!

They’ve met their match. Godspeed GP Kelly and your incredible team you’ve assembled to combat this great deception. We are honored to have you as our leader as you show your ferocity in this deadly issue. Using every asset you have; legislation, legal, medical monitoring, scientific reviews, educational seminars and social media and news outlets.

dc 9.3.2023



Diane Cotter

A very private individual who fell into a very public rabbit hole of epic proportions. I call it the #greatestdeceptionever - really, EVER.